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Two very easy chapter books
reina tanaka
arisha wrote in japanesebookrec
I've been studying Japanese for years now, but only recently have I started trying to read actual books. Here are two of the books I've finished so far, both chapter books aimed at elementary schoolers.

(kinou no yoru, otousan ga osoku kaetta, sono wake wa ...)
by 市川宣子 (Ichikawa Nobuko)
109 pages divided into 4 chapters
Furigana on all kanji and a picture every other page.

This book is a short collection of the stories a father tells his son in order to explain why he was late coming home the previous night. The stories are all pretty fantastical (eg. he was late because he had to help return the stars to the sky) and super cute. The stories are written in a spoken language style which I think adds a lot to the book's charm, although it might make it a bit challenging for beginning learners. This book was a quick read for me but I really enjoyed it.

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(gekidan 6nen 2kumi)
by 吉野万里子 (Yoshino Mariko)
226 pages divided into 4 chapters
Furigana on all kanji above the second grade level, two or three pictures a chapter.

I was a little intimidated when I saw how long the chapters in this book are, but it was an easier and quicker read than I expected. The story is about a sixth grader who leads his class in putting on a play as their final project. Nothing super exciting happens and I could have done without all of the moralizing, but overall I enjoyed it. It taught me a lot of theatre-related vocabulary, at least! The play the students create is based on Cinderella, and in the last chapter the lines of the play are presented like a script. I had a bit of difficulty with the older formal language used in that section, but I was still able to understand what was happening. All in all, I guess I'm less excited about the book itself and more excited about finishing a book that was over 200 pages long.

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